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Fish, Red meat, Chicken, Vegetables. Everyday. Always something different. For your reservations, we can create special menus for your family, friends or collegues.



Delicious crispy Cod croquettes in kourkouti (batter with beer and flour). Kids love them and parents tell us they remind them of their summer vacations.
Bakalao Plaki
The literal translation of plaki is a flat stone, and when there’s a dish called plaki, it means it’s cooked on a flat dish in the oven. Cooked with olive oil, tomatoes, and vegetables.
Seabass light
A tender, mild-flavored fish with a lovely buttery quality. Even a simple citrusy salsa is sufficient for a mouthwatering experience.
Salmon with roasted vegetables
Fresh green beans, carrots and fuss-free grape tomatoes, along with potato wedges, make up the vegetables and starch for this dish, all prepared in one pan. Our salmon is the most tender heart in Zug.
Boiled vegetables and fish. The veggies are usually a combination of carrots, celery, leeks and potatoes. We do not make it often, but our fish soup is definitely addictive.


Kokkinisto is a way of cooking, and translates as “reddened.” It means that the meat is browned before adding to a stew made with a tomato-base sauce, and almost all types of meat can be cooked this way. We insist on our super tender veal.
Meatballs is one of our passions. We have over 6 ways of making them and you love all of them. With different types of sauce, filled with feta or blue cheese or eggs, fried or baked, and many more variations.
Chicken lemonato
This dish is known to every Greek and it’s another comfort food we all grew up with. Tender chicken with a rich lemony sauce and bread to soak it all up, this was heaven.
Porc in beer
Beer helps tenderize the meat and adds a tiny amount of sweet and bitter flavor to the dish. The slow cooking of the porc for several hours, cooks away most of the alcohol. Unfortunately…

Layers or potatoes, eggplants, minced meat and béchamel.  It takes 4 hours to make it and it is totally worth it.  The most popular Greek dish.


A Traditional Greek Summer dish, consists of a big variety of baked vegetables, flavored with olive oil, tomato juice and spiced with black pepper, salt, cinnamon, and coriander. It is cooked on the wall of a hot oven, where it boils slightly up, then settles down into warm and soft chewiness.
Greek-style green beans simmered with potatoes and tomatoes in olive oil, can be served as a warm or cold side dish.
A traditional Greek recipe for peas with tomato and dill that are cooked in lots of olive oil and served with crusty bread and feta… Peas are normally considered a side dish, but in Greece it is common to eat a plate full of vegetables as a main course. This traditional way of cooking peas is so satisfying and healthy.
Eggplants are stuffed with a flavorful tomato mixture of vegetables and feta cheese. Served as an easy vegetarian side dish or entree, this eggplant will delight even the most picky eater. The eggplant becomes tender in the oven and absorbs the flavors of tomato, onion, and bell pepper.
A wonderful Greek dish that is usually served hot as a side with grilled or roasted meats, or cold as an appetizer or snack. Smooth and gentle flavors of Okra with fresh garden vegetables, mixed with pure olive oil, make this a winner.


A rich, sweet dessert pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts and sweetened and held together with syrup or honey.
An amazing dessert made with roughly chopped walnuts (and sometimes other nuts), scented with ground clove and cinnamon, wrapped into buttered cripsy kataifi dough and bathed in lemon scented syrup.

Fluffy, moist, and extra syrupy! A mouthwatering traditional Greek dessert with rich flavor and amazing smell.

Greek iced coffee drink made from instant coffee (generally, spray-dried Nescafe), water and sugar. The word frappé is French and can be defined as ‘chilled in crushed ice’.The frappé has become a hallmark of post-war outdoor Greek coffee culture.
Flaky triangular cone, filled with tasty custard cream. A delicacy from the north of Greece. A family destination every Sunday for decades.


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