A memorable experience


Delicious Food + Warm Hospitality + Good Value 

Our Team

Talent & Passion

Our team focuses on creating moments you love and you will talk about.  Skills, passion and commitment are our ingredients for a successful recipe.  First comes the food: fresh, quality, authentic Greek food.  Then the service.  We host you at our home.  We want to know your name and what you like. We want to put a smile on your face with our yummy food and our friendly interaction. Finally we care about the value we offer.  Everything has to be right.  We are here to create a full experience, which starts from the moment we start cooking and finishes when you say goodbye and tell us what you liked and what we can do better.


Like in a Greek home

The compliement we often get is that the food and the overall experience was like what they have experienced in Greece, or even better as guests at a Greek home.  We designed it this way and we are working hard to keep it this way every time.  There is no fusion in our Cuisine.  It is as Greek as it gets.  From the Dishes all the way to our smiles.  And yes, our German sounds Greek too.

Top Skills

A Skillful Family

What we have in common is passion for connecting with you and offering you the best.  Where we are different is the skills and experiences we have.  Each one of us brings the right pieces to complete the puzzle of a beautiful experience at Taste of Mykonos. 


Head Chef

When the cook doesn’t stop singing while he is cooking, then you know the food will be good.  Stefanos is a genius chef that turns the simplest ingredients into complex unique tastes. His motto is: “The more dishes we cook every day, the more smiles we will get”.



Dimitris has lots of ideas. Ideas how to excite the customers, how to innovate, how to make every serving special.  His motto is: “Zug rocks! That’s right.”


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